A Purple Heart Car Donation - More Than Just Tax Relief

A purple heart car donation will not only provide you with tax relief on your used vehicle but it will also help to provide for others.

So you have an old car and you're wondering what you can do with it?

Has your used car served its purpose and is now just in the way? Why not dispose of your vehicle through a used car donation.

A purple heart car donation is where you donate your used car or vehicle to the purple heart organization which in turn helps military veterans. The purple heart is a military organization that raises funds to help veterans. Thousands of people have donated their used cars through purple heart car donations and have received tax deductions on their income tax. This is indeed a wonderful way to support the people who have served our country as you not only get to do a good deed but you also get something back yourself.

By donating your used car to the purple heart foundation you are helping veterans and their families by donating to veteran hospitals, veteran widows and veteran orphans. With your purple heart auto donation you are also helping those veterans who have suffered disabilities, helping with housing needs and death and burial benefits.

So what happens to your car after you have donated it?

When you make a purple heart car donation your car is then sold to fund the benefits that are offered by this charitable organization. Once your car has been sold you will be contacted and informed of the amount and then you can proceed to claim this amount back in your tax returns. The cash that is raised from your used car donation may help many different families. Don't you think that this is a great way to dispose of your used car.

When you decide to make a purple heart auto donation the process is very simple. You must first contact the charity and inform them of your decision to donate your used car. The purple heart foundation will in turn arrange to have your car picked up within 48 hours. Once sold you will of course be notified of the selling price so that you may have this amount deducted from your tax returns. Making a purple heart car donation is a very rewarding process, no only are you helping yourself but you are also helping to support the very men and women who have supported our country with their service and in some cases their lives. Why don't you make a purple heart car donation today.

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